Why creating branded mobile applications is important

Content marketing is a buzzword that marketers have often thrown out in the past few years. Few people realize, though, that the word and the concept behind it have been around for more than a century. Content marketing can be traced back to the days of John Deere and their Farrow magazine in the 1890s. The magazine had high quality content and was specifically targeted at the kind of audience they wanted to buy their products. Another such campaign in the nineties was Michelin, with their travel guides. More recently, companies that have been following in these footsteps include Hubspot and Mindjet. The story of Mindjet is particularly interesting. In addition to a blog and the normal corporate mobile app, they decided to create a custom application, For example ios app development Canberra

There are many platforms a company can build their apps on, depending on the target audience and famous devices. IPad app development seems to be the direction of choice when targeting the corporate demographic. What this new mobile application did for the Mindjet company is to create a sort of digital version of the John Deere Farrow magazine of the late 1800s. This application updates automatically and delivers dynamic content that comes from RSS feeds. It has articles that talk about important matters to their clientele like data visualization, collaboration, and best practice marketing techniques. This application’s constant update system makes sure there is always fresh content that is useful and engaging for their audience. The following are some of the advantages of developing such apps.

Mobile apps encourage engagement with clientele on a deeper level. It is much more than just making the content fit on a small mobile device screen. It is an easy way for customers to reach and engage with the content one provides. Mobile apps mean that the people using them can read more pages and since the devices are portable, they get to spend more time with the content.

One problem companies and marketers face is the display of Ads, especially when dealing with websites. In a mobile application setting, it gets easier to display full screen ads and widgets that have ad calls to action. In the middle of an article, one can display a full screen ad or the request to sign up for a newsletter without it being too much of an interruption or nuisance to the reader.

With access they give, mobile apps give companies the chance to deliver the content their customers crave for. In a recent survey, it was found that almost three quarters of respondents found it easier to download a branded app over one that is non-branded. Consumers’ value branded content because of the information they get learn more.

The mobile branded mobile app optimizes the web experience, creating an independent system that one can only get access to through a portable device. The brands that use this technique collect different assets from around the world into one mobile product. It gives the readers the content they want, and consolidates all marketing efforts into one compact product or experience.