Things To Know About Storage Devices

In every business field storage of the files and documents has become the most crucial part. That’s why it is important to take the help of such type of storage medium with the help of which we can save our important documents for long time and we can get the same whenever required. There are varieties of storage devices available in the market and depending on the basic functionalities of these kind of devices they has been mainly classified into 2 types –

• Secondary storage devices

• Primary data storage devices

Basically primary storage devices are called volatile because they have the capacity of less amount of data storage however secondary storage devices are called non-volatile because they have the capacity of large amount of data storage. Let’s have a look on both kinds of devices in detail, see this awesome usb flash drives in Hong Kong.
Primary Storage
This kind of storage devices is basically found in main memory of the computer system and they are called RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory).
• RAM: this kind of storage is volatile in nature because it stores the data on temporary basis and after the computer is switched off the data or information is wiped off.
• ROM: data is stored in ROM permanently but once the data is stored in ROM it cannot be changed or edited later. You can visit this helpful site for more business and promotional corporate gifts.

Secondary Storage

Such type of devices is not the part of the computer system and the same are non-volatile in nature. We can store the data or information on these kinds of devices permanently and we can retrieve the same whenever required. Here are some of the most commonly used types of secondary storage devices.
• USB flash drives: it is the most commonly used storage device having the capacity of storing large amount of data permanently. A flash memory is included in USB flash drive that allows the users to rewrite the data in it several times.
• Memory card: it is much similar to USB flash drive and the same is also capable to store large amount of data. Memory cards are used in electronic devices like cameras, mobile phones, hand held computers etc.
• Hard Drives: it is very important and famous storage device which is included as part of the CPU. However, now a day’s external hard disks with different size of storage capacity are also available in market that can be connected to the computer system through USB cable.
• Floppy Disks: it the conventional way to store the data and files. Floppy disks are portable magnetic storage devices that were so popular in early days for storing the important files but with the invention of other kind of devices floppy disks become less popular.
• Compact Disks: commonly known as CD was the most widely used device for storing the data. This is much similar to DVD but the only difference between them is that the DVD has more storage capacity as compared to CD.