How To Solve Slow Connectivity Problems On Wireless Routers

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Once a person decides to purchase a wireless modem router, it is necessary to research on the various problems that it may have in the future and find out how to resolve them. Different devices have different problems, but there are some common problems that one can be able to resolve on his own so as to cut down on repair costs. It is, however advisable to know the functioning and the hardware properties of the modem before indulging in the repair process. The main reason behind this is that there are several types of wireless modem routers one of
them being a 3g wireless modem router. The repair methods can be learnt and taken as a form of router maintenance. It is not necessary that any router that malfunctions is a bad router it might be a quality router just in need of some maintenance procedures.

One of the main common problems might be slow connections. There are several solutions to this problem that might help the user increase or make the router return to its normal speed. The main cause of the problem is usually the addition of other devices in the home. Most home electronic devices usually run on the same bandwidth as the router. They usually use a 2.5GHz bandwidth. In the case that the problem started after a certain item was added in the home that uses the same bandwidth, try and switch the device off and determine whether the speed will be back to normal.

If this is not the problem, then it is advisable to try and change the channel settings. The 2GHz bandwidth uses only three channels. It might be stated otherwise, but these are the main channels that are used. These are the same channels that other people who have the same wireless devices in the neighborhood are using. This eventually leads to overcrowding in the channels, thus making the connections appear slow. In some cases when changing the router one should opt for the 4g lte routers. In order to solve this problem the user must modify the channel settings through the setup controls. This should be done manually since all manufacturers usually specify the three channels which are 1, 6 and 11. This will help solve the problem completely. One should opt for this method if he or she resides in a metropolitan area or an area that might have several wireless devices. You can get a guide about 3g wireless routers if you go over at this website.

The other means of solving the problem is by adding a 5GHz component that usually has around 23 channels. There are few individuals that are using this bandwidth, making it fast. The best part about this method is that a person just uses the same router but adds an adapter. This is much cheaper compared to purchasing a new router. The final method that one can opt for in the case that all the methods mentioned above fail to work is to upgrade the whole device’s firmware. The upgrade can be easily found on the devices website. These methods should help solve the slow connectivity problem.